PSP Daedalus Alpha Revision 604

Revision 604 - Directory Listing
[!] Fixes in game audio pitch glitch(Salvy)
[!] Fix Load Ucode detect glitch(Salvy)
[!] Fix stride detection
[!] Reworked Dlist processing for additional speed up
[!] Tuned inbuilt profilers output to 80 char wide screen
[!] Reworked and inlined functions in PSPRenderer for speed up
[+] Its possible to launch ROM from PSPlink prompt skipping GUI (ex. -> ./Daedalus.prx "Roms/StarFox 64.v64")
[+] Faster N64 fixedpoint matrix loading

Revision 603 - Directory Listing

[!] vertexstride will be checked now only once when ucode is set instead of everyframe
[!] Optimized SetCombine (Corn)
[~] Fixed debug build errg again :P
[!] Fixed and enabled osAiGetLength patch
[!] Rewrote DeleteRecursive to use sceIo instead of libc (recursive deletion is alot smoother now)
[~] Deleted all unused and legacy code from main.cpp
[~] SetTextureScale will be now only set when texture is enable

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