Has Zodttd Given Up?

Zodttd is a IPhone Dev that creates and ports emulators such as Gpsphone (GBA), Mame4All (MAME) and Snes4IPhone (SNES) to the IPhone/IPad/IPod Touch and Droid.

Check out Zodttd.com
The site has not been updated since July 17th, 2010
Overall his posts have been on and off.
He has been upgrading his famous emulators for the IPhone and Droid but seized for a long time.
He has been linked to OpenPandora/IcontrolPad Development.
Recently Ported PSX4Droid (a Playstation 1 Emulator to run on Android)
He has been overwhelmed with problems and comments about his whereabouts.
He is not the ONLY person to port emulators for Apple Devices.
Check out PCEMU on the Modmyi Repo

The Big Question is
"Has Zodttd Given up or Continues waiting for the perfect time to release".

Basically all of his emulators on Cydia need to updated for IOS 4.2.1 and support for IPad/IPod Touch 4g/IPhone 4 is needed.

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