eduke32 release #3 for Dingux

zear has finally released an update to his eduke32 Duke Nukem port for Dingux

here's a lot of new stuff in this release, let's just name some bigger changes:
* D-PAD aiming and D-PAD weapon/item selection
* savestate autonaming
* better button mapping in menus
* ability to change/delete button mapping via the game menu
* removed the security camera preview while standing next to it for performance improvement (you can still just use them to see the cam view)
A lot of these changes (namely: D-PAD aiming & weapon/item selection, savestate autonaming, minor performance fixes) were made by the original eduke32 developers, so I would like to take this moment to thank them for interest and help with this port despite not having the Dingoos themselves. If anyone would like to thank those guys (and motivate them to support Dingoo platform in the future), you can always donate to the project on their official website.
I have playtested and completed all the three original episodes on the Dingoo, so I can proudly announce that with this release, Duke Nukem 3D is 100% playable and completable on our handhelds. And it was a lot of fun too (especially with the boss battles).
Note: Since the game now reads from and stores to the current directory, /local/home/.eduke32 dir is redundant. So if you are updating from an older version, it is a good idea to remove that dir so it won't interfere with the new version. And remember to read the readme.txt


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