PS3 Snes9x 4.4.1

Squarepusher proposes a new version of his port of Snes9x (SNES emulator) on PS3.

New / fixed:

- Add pixel shaders to select General Settings.
- List of pixel shaders available:
- Stock (shader default)
- 2xSaI
- Blur
- Curved CRT
- HQ2x
- Quad interpolation
- Scanlines
- Sharpen
- Super2xSaI
- SuperEagle

All except SuperEagle shaders, and Super2xSaI Curved CRT running at full speed 16:9 1080p - the highest resolution. If a shader does not fonctinone at full speed with this resolution, you can try to 720p 16:9 / 4:3.
- PAL60 option now works with version 1.92
- Added option 'Force NTSC to PAL ROM' in the settings SNES9x

Note: the archive PKG PS3 with firmware 3.41 and below.
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