PSP Liquidzigong Discusses 6.35 HEN

Chinese hacker liquidzigong (Famous for his Prometheus modules and Prometheus CFW patches) has posted a quick analysis on the recent firmware 6.35 release. He has commented on a few interesting things. According to liquidzigong the real purpose of firmware 6.35 was to patch known 6.31 vulnerabilities.
Vulnerabilities like the Hot Shots Golf 2 exploit. Sony however missed the big one. The remaining kernel exploit which Total_Noob talked about. Which could result in a 6.35 HEN. But he is not the only one that knows about this kernel exploit apparently.
And according to Liquidzigong:
There are a large number of users spreading the kernel exploit in underground hacker organizations. Spreading the exploit one by one
The translation isn’t exactly spot on. But my guess is what Liquidzigong is saying that this kernel exploit is spreading underground and sooner or later it will surface. So from that we might see a 6.35 HEN? Hopefully it can be saved for later firmware version if its not patched. He has also commented not much has changed in the kernel from 6.31 to 6.35. And that a Prometheus v5 maybe on the way. But only if its needed to play OFW 6.35 titles.

[via: PSPSlimHacks]

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