IOS 4.2.1 GM Released to Devs

On Thursday, Apple released to developers a brand new version of the Golden Master iOS firmware for the iDevices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch). Bumped up to 4.2.1 Build 8C148, we may now be closer than ever to the final version delivering fixes to the glitches, bugs, and other shortcomings with which many of us are familiar.

From Network World:

The new GM has reportedly been released to address bugs and errors found in previous builds. Earlier on Thursday, MacRumors published an e-mail sent out by VoIP developer Toktumi--responsible for calling app Line2--that warns customers not to upgrade to the latest version of Apple's iOS. "If you upgrade to iOS 4.2 and you are running Line2 in the background, the ringer will continue to ring even after an incoming call is answered," the e-mail notes, stating that the issue has been designated as "severe" by Apple Developer Support.
As it stands, there is widespread speculation (but no concrete evidence) that the public version of the new firmware will hit on or around November 24th. Today, however, marks a substantial update for the iPad and squarely places the tablet on a fast track to being on "the same software track as the iPhone," effectively giving life to iOS 4 on the iPad and a multitude of hot features, not the least of which is multitasking.

Nonetheless, despite the update and version increase, sources have been quoted (including in a report published by MacRumors) that Apple is allegedly telling developers not to resubmit their applications. For now, the release is a positive step in the right direction and a stellar indication that a final, public release is imminent.

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