PSP Daedalus Alpha Revision 601

Heres whats new:

What's changed in this revision:
Revision 601
Revision 600
[+] Small speed up in DList processing (Corn)
[~] Fixed daedalus profiler to profile Ucodes properly (Corn)
[~] Fixed missing preview msg in classic GUI (Corn)
[+] ScreenShots will be saved in ms0:/PICTURE for release and default dir for debug build
[~] Fixed issue that caused gui selection not be saved in preferences.ini
[~] Small clean ups, made a couple of funcs debug only, etc
[!] Corrected regression that messed up the penguins in M64
[~} Corrected regression that caused analog stick to stop working (thx KingPepper for reporting)
[!] Optimized intraFontGetID, uses about 70% less cpu (gui feels smoother now)
[~} Corrected overlapping text when psp is charging in bat info
[+] Changed how button polling in GUI is done, now is only done in one place instead of zillion times everywhere ( note : gui buttons now will be only checked 16.5 times/sec too) (Corn/Salvy)
Revision 599
[!] Made kernelbuttons even more robust
[!] Removed a bunch of hacks I had for KernelButtons (no longer need 'em)
[+] Implemented a wrapper for kernelbuttons to clean up code and make things easier
[~] Minor tweaks on the battery info when PSP is charging (psppwner300)
Revision 598
[+] Made rom deletion more robust, now rom list is refreshed. warning shows up before deleting, and deletion is canceled if other input is detected (Classic Gui recommended) (Corn)
[+] Is now possible now to reset only settings or only hle caches (Corn)
[!] Killed a couple of warnings from last commit (Corn)
[!] Improved Reset settings instructions, just follow the onscreen indirections.
[+] Added a new function to print intrafont text (pretty easy to use and can be used everywhere)
[!] Battery status and time is printed with intrafont to match with the Gui
[~] Improved GUI switching
[~] Corrected typo that prevented gprof build from compiling
[~] Removed debug info that I forgot from DeleteRecursive (debug build compiles again)
Revision 597
[+] Added build support for psp gprof (Thanks Hardhat for the help!)
[!] Cleaned up global prefs, also made "skip splash screen" and other prefs debug only
[!] Improved "Reset Settings", now is more robust and friendly (moved to global too)
[+] Implemented recursive deletion, hle cache is now deleted when resetting settings
[+] Implemented tooltips with usage info of features of the emu (only for Classic GUI) (Corn)
[~] Moved PSP Slim cache init out of initialization list

Warning : Make sure to back up your memory stick before using this revision.

[via: Daedalusx64]

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