PS3 SNES9x Build 4.3.9

The SNES9x PS3 team (composed of Eiz, Themaister, Squarepusher2, Halsefar and Cmonkey69) has recently published the latest build of their Super Nintendo emulator project for the PS3.


Updated to new SNES9x version - now runs the following games that didn't work before: The Mask
Fixed 16:9 aspect ratio issue - this seems to be a common issue with PS3s on modern HDTVs. There is now an 'Overscan' option inside the Settings menu that you can use to get the stretched screen fit just right on your TV screen.
Settings are saved when exiting the emulator.
The garbage on the right side of the screen has been fixed
Two sound modes are now available: Normal (same as it was before) and RSound. RSound is a networked audio client/server program - with this, you can route the music from the PS3 (SNES audio in this case) to any laptop/PC/settopbox that has a media player with either the RSound plugin, or a dedicated RSound server application (Rsd/Rsdplay). There is a documentation file and a Youtube video provided to help people to set it up. Latency is as low as it possibly can be - definitely try it out.
Major restructuring to the Settings screen.
The default ROM directory, default savestate directory can now be set inside the Settings screen.
5-player Multitap support (was previously just 4-player)
Press the right analog stick left or right in-game to switch between savestate slot

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