Apple Releasing IOS 4.2 on Nov.9/12th

Awaiting for Apple to release iOS 4.2 for iPhone, iPad and/or iPod Touch? You may not need to wait much longer, claims that the updated iOS operating system will be released Tuesday, November 9th.
Apparently the German website made contact with some Deutsche Telekom representatives who informed them of the November 9th release date.

Meanwhile, German blog, iFun, provides a conflicting report. Instead of November 9th as are claiming, iFun is claiming a release of Friday, November 12th. They discovered Apple will be pushing new Carrier Updates on November 12th, so they figure there may be a chance iOS 4.2 will be released the same day.

iOS 4.2 will bring many features already on iPhone and iPod Touch to the iPad, such as Multitasking, Folders, Game Center, and the enhanced mail application. iOS 4.2 will also introduce new features, such as AirPrint printing, AirPlay steaming, a function to find text on a webpage, and various other minor enhancements.

[via: IPhone-Hacks]

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