PS3 CFWLoad v1.0

stoker25, an valued member of PSX-SCENE, and the creator of the xRegistry.sys Editor, has released a new PS3 app, called CFWLoad 1.0.

It is very similar to JaicraB’s USB Firm Loader, with a few tweaks for people with USBs that have different numbers.

For those of you unfamiliar with these type of apps, they load custom firmware by mapping dev_flash (where your firmware is normally stored) to dev_usb (your usb ports). This allows you to place custom firmware files onto a usb stick and have the PS3 utilize them.


Choose what USB to use!
Redirect dev_flash to usb
Redirect app_home to usb
Dump LV2 kernel and mount points
...along with all the source code that does it

!!!NOTE!!!: You need a payload with peek and poke syscalls (PL3 dev has this)


X - (Un)Patch /dev_flash as usb
Square - (Un)Patch /app_home as usb
Select - Dump lv2.bin & mounts.bin to usb
Up/Down - Change USB
Triangle - Exit

The dev_flash files have to be on the root of the USB drive to work, e.g. if E:\ is your drive, you should have E:\vsh, E:\vsh\modules, etc...

Make a PS3_GAME folder on your USB for the thing in the Game menu to work.

App has some bugs, but it is my first PS3 program

JaicraB - original CFW loader
dwarfcrank - reversing the CFW loader


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