PSFreedom PL3/Hermes v4 for Palm Pre

Sure, this is dated; however, sifting through comments I see a lot of people still asking for it, so if you’re one of them, here you go: PSFreedom with PL3 and Hermes v4 for the Palm Pre. Now the source thread mentions support for Backup Manager has been removed — that isn’t the case. Rob, who emailed this in, has confirmed Gaia Manager is working just fine.

To install PSFreedom for the Palm Pre:

Download the Palm Pre package.
Pick the Hermes (psfreedom-hermesv4.ko) or PL3 (psfreedom-PL3.ko) module.
Copy the module(s) to your device and “insmod” it via terminal or by ssh’ing in.
Type, for example (only one or the other):
insmod /media/internal/psfreedom-PL3.ko
insmod /media/internal/psfreedom-hermesv4.ko
Now connect the Palm Pre to your PS3 and hack it.

[via: PS3-Hacks]

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