[Playstation 4] PUP Unpacker Rewrite by Zer0xFF Released

[Playstation 3] KDW NOR BAND N2 FLASHER Mod v1 Released

[Playstation 4] GameDump Title Editor Released

[PSVITA] SDLPoP-Vita Mod v-1.3a Released

[PSVITA] ONEMenu v2.01 Released

[PSVITA] The Legend of Sword and Fairy v1.0 Released

[PSVITA] Gamesd.Skprx Installer V1.5 Released

[Playstation 3] FERROX CFW 4.82 v1.01 Released

[Playstation 4] MSX Emulator Update Released : Audio + Assets

[Playstation 4] Game Dumper 007 Released

[Playstation 3] Rebug Toolbox v2.02.15 Released

[Playstation 3] IrisMan v4.82 Released

[Playstation 3] MultiMan v04.82.00 Released


[PSVITA] NPS Browser v0.77 Released

[Playstation 3] PS3P PKG Ripper v1.4.1 Released

[PSVITA] VitaCord v1.5fix1 Released

[Playstation 3] ManaGunZ v1.30a Released

[PSVITA] Easy Power Refresh v2.0 Released

[PSVITA] ZeldaNSQ v1.0.1 Released

[PSVITA] ScummVM 2.0 Release Test Released


[Playstation 3] Rebug Toolbox Multi v02.02.15 Released