[Playstation 3] Play Manager v1.11 Released

Today developer _Slash_ has released a new version of Play Manager v1.11 for the Playstation 3. Check out the release notes, changelog and the download link provided below.

Release Notes
In v1.11, the developer added:
- The support of CFW 4.82 CEX
- An option of temperature notifications
- Some minor corrections

To display a notification once simply press the SELECT + L2 key combination under the XMB. If you wish that the notifications are more numerous, it is necessary to maintain this combination SELECT + L2 until you hear a beep of the console, it means that the notifications will be activated permanently, to disable them it will be necessary to redo SELECT + L2 and wait for 2 beeps.

In the fan control section and the USB wakeup option (Control Fan & USB Wakeup) it has added Temp Display Interval which allows to delay the notifications, by default the time delay is fixed at 10 seconds, the minimum which can be set is 4 seconds and the maximum is 60 seconds. The Temp5 option will be called Temp5 / Warning and when the temperature is equal to or higher than the specified one, it will send a temperature warning message with 3 beeps (the temperature is also displayed) which will be displayed every 6 seconds and as long as it will not come down, it will not stop showing this warning.

The System Manager, new_core (v1.2): sm.self

If you're having trouble with this fork of Iris Manager, it's because you probably need to update the sm for use with the latest CFW.

At each arrival of a CFW it is necessary to update the SM, because Play Manager (like Iris Manager) is based on a feature of the new core, so _Slash_ distributes a compressed archive with 3 folders (core_flags, core_install and self) , and a file install_core.pkg, all this should be copied to the root of your usb key, except the auto folder that is not used.

Then, in the file you have joined previously, there are 2 folders where the sm is updated (default and aggressive), here you have to choose which values ​​are the ones you want to install. For example, if you want the default values, enter the folder and copy the sm.self file to the core_install folder that is in your usb key and replace the old file. If you want aggressive values, do the same procedure but copy sm.self from the aggressive file.

The USB key is ready it must be placed in the rightmost USB port, the one closest to the PS3 player and install the file install_core.pkg, once the installation is complete, a new icon appears on the XMB which is the new Install Core, run it (without removing the USB memory from the console) and the console will restart several times, when this console will see that it is not restarted and the chosen SM will be installed, it will also realize that it is installed because the fan blows hard. Also to check if the sm has been installed correctly, at the root of the USB memory, he will have created a file install_log.txt.

Once the sm is running, you can uninstall the Install New Core application because it is no longer needed (the new core and sm are already installed in the console), unless you install or reinstall a new one CFW (the new kernel and the sm are lost).

If you need to remove the installed sm to install another one with different values, just rename the removesm _removesm file in the core_flags folder and put the USB stick in the closest port to the PS3 drive. (without turning on the console), turn on and off the sm when the console is started, if for some reason the SM is still installed (you'll notice it because the fan continues to run at a higher speed), you have to restart the console until you notice that the fan is no longer making noise.

To install the new sm of your choice (having already installed the new core), you must put the new sm.self in the core_install folder, then go to the core_flags folder and rename the removemem file to _removesm, then rename the following _install2 file by install2, after placing the USB key in the nearest port of the PS3 player (without turning on the console), turn it on and off several times, in the end it will start correctly with the new sm installed and this can be checked again also in the install_log.txt file.

As you've probably noticed, the new core and webman are not compatible, either you use webman, or you uninstall webman and use the new core with Iris Manager or one of its forks like Play Manager.
Download Here

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