[PSVITA] CookieClicker-Vita V0.2 Released

Today developer Creckeryop has released a new version of CookieClicker-Vita V0.2 for the Playstation Vita. Check out the release notes, changelog and the download link provided below.

Release Notes
Developed with lint-killer life
Long Numbers (thanks to lpp-life of the Runner-up)
Buildings up to Prism
The design looks more like a browser version
Buy and Sell Buildings, (1/10/100) pcs
Save / Load Saves (The save file is in ux0: / date / in the folder called ccsave.sav)
You can use the sensor or the left / right analog to move the buildings or the buttons
Press the triangle to click the Cookies or touch it
To restore the data, press Square + Triangle
With Touch you can change the buy / sell mode
Future Objectives

Sound Menu
Fix Some Bugs
Other Features

Touchscreen: buttons on the screen
Square - Expand / Minimize Update Menu
Left stick: move the buildings
Right stick: move the buttons
Triangle: Touch Cookie
Select - Save and Exit

New features:
Upgrade (Experimental (28 updates)) (each upgrade from x2 to CpS)
Automatic rescue every 10 minutes

Added OnScreen buttons
Added the Settings menu with an option (Restore Saving)
Added the shower of cookies
Added milk (animation only)
Added Shadows Behind the Buttons
Small optimization
Changed live bg and startup images
Minor corrections
New rescue file for updates (ux0: /data/ccupsave.sav)
Fixed> Error of 10,000 cps

Download Here

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