[Playstation 3] ManaGunZ v1.30a Released

Today developer Zar has released a new version of ManaGunZ v1.30a for the Playstation 3. Check out the release notes, changelog and the download link provided below.

Release Notes
Added Italian language from our developer theheroGAC

Addition: Re-sign option that promotes fw version also in param.sfo.
Added: bin / cue PS2 image.
Fix: paths that contain a dot.
Add: Remote Control
Add: Without peek & poke.
Add: Standalone filemanager. To compile, type 'FILEMANAGER = 1 do pkg'.
Fix: Increased file reading and writing speed.
Add: New Loading Screen for File Manager.
Fix: UI movements are smoother / more fluid.
Added: 3D Stream. See note (1).
Added: Plugin Manager can create the startup file.
Added: Plugin Manager can create '/ dev_hdd0 / plugins'.
Added: Plugin Manager can move the enabled plugins (from the startup file) to '/ dev_hdd0 / plugins'.
Added: Languages.
Added: Help.
Add: New File Management CONFIG. See note (1).

(1) If the CONFIG file exists in the MGZ folder, MGZ forces use and the PS2 CONFIG creator is not available.
I removed the 'CONFIG to use' option has become useless. I removed the distinction between OFFICIAL and CUSTOM.
I added the DBCONFIG.txt file to handle the CONFIG file used by different GAMES, so I do not have to download the same file.
(2) Full covers must be in the 'USRDIR / covers / 3D / [gameID] .jpg' folder. For PS1, it will use the front cover from 'USRDIR / covers / [gameID] .jpg' and back from 'USRDIR / covers / 3D / [gameID] .jpg'.
Download Here

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