[PSVITA] PSV VSH Menu V1.1 Released

Today developer Joel16 has released a new version of PSV VSH Menu V1.1 for the Playstation Vita. Check out the release notes, changelog and the download link provided below.

Release Notes
Added a configuration to store and load data once the module started.
Added VSH Menu bg colors for a minimal customization. (Just like Ultimate VSH Menu for PSP)
Added the "Startup" tab that lets you quickly start VitaShell or the Settings app. I intend to make this option more "adaptable" later.
Added a percentage of battery charge. (Basically the same as the batteryPercent plugin)
Finally, clock states are now saved in configuration and will be restored once the plugin is started.
Small cleaning.
The combination of buttons to open the VSH menu is: L + R + START

Download the file at the end of the article
Insert the " vsh.suprx " file into the ux0: / or folder in the folder
ux0: /tai/config.txt and add the following string:

ux0: or / vsh.suprx

For a specific title
# TitleID for your application
* RAND0666
ux0: tai / vsh.suprx
To call up the plugin press: L + R + Start

Download Here

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