[PSVITA] ONEMenu v2.00 Released

Today developer OneLua has released a new version of ONEMenu v2.00 for the Playstation Vita. Check out the release notes, changelog and the download link provided below.

Release Notes
Icons and Game Lists: Load time is reduced every time you start Onemenu.
New category "Favorites".
"Favorites" section in the advanced submenu.
Game categories PS Vita / homebrews have been divided into "PSVita" and "Homebrews Vita".
PSP and PSX content unified in a single category: "Retro Games".
Added lines to english_ux.txt ... Do not forget to refresh your translations.
Now your avatar icon is downloaded to ux0: date / on your computer so it can be loaded offline.
The PSP.PNG and PS1.PNG images have been deleted and RETRO.PNG has been added to PS Retro games (for PSP and PS1 games).
Added HBVITA.PNG image for PSVita Homebrews categories.
Two lines have been added to the theme's INI file: COUNTCOLOR to print the number of folders / files in the explorer.CBACKSBARCOLOR file to draw the bars in the callbacks section.
Download Here

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