OpenPandora News: Nubs, Video and Boards

"If you followed the threads at the official board, these news are nothing new for you, but I'd like to post them here for you as well.

The new nubs had been a success! 150 nubs had been tested from the mass production run and not a single one failed! So, yes, 100% sounds like a good rate for the nubs (from the old one, 25% failed right from the beginning).

The full mass production for the new nubs is already running. On Thursday, 2000 were already finished, so I guess about 2000 should be finished right now already.

According to the company in Texas, 2000 boards should be ready and just waiting for the nubs - and we're going to find out if that's true soon as one of the members in the community (a late 1st batcher) lives right around the corner of the factory and will hopefully visit them this week and check out if the production is fine. We are waiting for an appointment from the CEO to find out when he can visit.

Cases are prepared with LCDs and keymats in UK already, nubs now working properly, it's all up to the board production company now - and we're going to take a close watch at them.

We won't make a christmas break by the way - as long as we have parts to assemble units, we will do so. Also during christmas days!

I'll keep you updated

To remind you why you've been waiting for so long, I started doing daily videos - until delivery of the Pandoras will finally resume.
You can find them on my YouTube-Account, on the official Facebook-Page or at this website (also as 720p MP4-Download)."

[via: OpenPandora]

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