PSP Team Gen's Yoshihiro States No More CFW Updates

We've seen lot's of drama and controversies surrounding the PSP homebrew community lately, from the Dark Alex hiatus to some fake CFW coders to the flamers. But thanks to the constant update from Yoshihiro and Team GEN, the PSP homebrew scene is still alive and kicking. Now, a shocking post from Yoshi brings another round of bad news to the community.

Spotted over at the PSP GEN forums, Yoshiro has stated that he will no longer release any other update of Custom Firmware GEN due to some coders copying his codes.

last cfw update for me by guyz the word of this year let other use my stuff on M33 lame guyz no update for the futur games on psp3000 and 2000

That's all for now guys. Stay tune for more updates on this one.

[via: PSPGweber]

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