China is Filled with White IPhone 4s

You think Apple might have have killed the white iPhone 4 in the favor of the iPhone 5? Think again! In the grey markets of China, white iPhone 4s are being sold with labels on them saying “for internal use only”, and moreover, they are all locked to AT&T, running iOS 4.1! Could this mean that Apple has plans to launch these forgotten babies in the US in the coming months or so?

The price of these supposedly genuine white iPhone 4s is undoubtedly high. The 16GB model costs around $828 to $1024, while the 32GB model costs even higher than that. But if you’re dying to get an iPhone 4 in white, now you know where to go, China. Or you can just contact the kid from New York and give your black iPhone 4 an overhaul into white.

Here are a couple of photos of the packaging. The iPhone 4 pictured is the 16GB model in white.

[via: SiNfulIPhone

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