PSP Firmware 6.36 Spotted in Japan

This just fresh in from our Japanese source. According him, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd will require an unreleased PSP Firmware 6.36 in order to run. This photo is apparent proof that Firmware 6.36 is real and on the UMD of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. This system will require this update in order to play the game. Which is due to be released in 2 days on the 1st December in Japan. The game is expected to be a huge end of the year hit for Sony and Capcom.

Our source comments that Firmware 6.36 games have increased security and will not work on any Custom Firmware. Prometheus or otherwise. Maybe firmware 6.36 patches other exploits, even TN’s VSH exploit ?

Sony is one step ahead of the hackers. And you can’t blame them for protecting one of their biggest end of the year releases in Japan.

[via: PSPSlimhacks]

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