OpenPandora News: Nubs 100% Success

Well, been a while since the last post, but I didn't want to post anything before I had some reliable results.

As I mentioned in a few posts already, we didn't get the full amount of nubs yet - the nubs company persisted on producing 200 for testing for us first.
While we wished they would've done the full amount already, it's also understandable: So far, they produced 20000 nubs which they had to destroy since they didn't work. They did this on their costs, so they really wanted to let us test them first before they lose a lot more money.

Anyways, 20 nubs arrived at Michaels place on Wednesday and 150 at the board company. Funny, even UPS delays Pandora stuff (Shipped: Monday from California via Overnight Air and arrived on Wednesday... oh well).

The board company soldered the nubs on some boards and tested them while Michael used his test jig to test the ones he got.

Now for the good news: Not a single nub acted up, jumped around, felt gritty or needed special calibration, they had a 100% success rate!

So, yay, time to produce the rest of the needed nubs!

The only thing left to worry about right now is if the board company is doing their job well.
Thankfully, we have one of the late 1st batchers living just around the corner - and he agreed to go visit them and check on the production.
Last week didn't work out (the company was too busy to show him around), but we'll try to make sure he can go in before thanksgiving holidays and hopefully comes back with pictures of thousands of boards!

About the current schedule: As the nubs arrived later than they should (we were expecting all needed ones last week), we need to get a new schedule by the company.
I'm not sure how much it changes - if we're lucky, only the delivery of the first 1000 boards will be delayed, as they could've rearranged the production and produce more of the other boards instead of putting the nubs on.
We'll post an update about the schedule as soon as we get one.

[via: OpenPandora]

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