PSP Twisted Download V3 for HBL

Mu1der has just sent a word that Twisted Download v4.3 is now out. It has now been updated to link to the latest HBL rev 109 release. Minor bugs, missing screenshots and any dead links that were in version 4.2 are now corrected. And finally the launcher was removed.

This PC utility is for users running HBL, giving easy access to compatible downloads that will work on Half Byte Loader. Its a must for HBL users that don’t want to hunt around for hours looking for homebrew that will work with HBL.

Twisted Download v4.3 changelog:

-Added all the Latest HBL under(Download HBL And/Or Help Installing) TAB.
-Added Custom Download menu links (wololo,neur0n) with HBL r109.
-Fixed some screenshots not working properly.
-Fixed bugs.
-Fixed some typo.
-Changed some links.
-Removed the Launcher. Didn’t like it :- /

[via: PSPSlimhacks]

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