OpenPandora News: Nubs

"Michael gave the GO for the mass production on the new nubs on Sunday, and 2000 have already been produced.
We are waiting for an update on when they'll ship to Texas, but it should probably be early next week.

I mentioned that we have some community member (a late first-batcher) who can go and visit the board production company.
We wanted him to visit before the short thanksgiving-holidays, however, the CEO of the company wasn't in office for the whole week so they didn't let him in, but we'll try to get him there next week (for a report and pictures).

Let's hope they've been producing boards. They claim they have - but I only trust the community and what I can see on pictures. However, as soon as the nubs arrive, there's no excuse for them anymore."

I'll keep you up-to-date with any news I get.

[via: OpenPandora]

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