PS3 Get on PSN with Jailbroken Console

PSN / Online is now working on your Jailbroken PS3 Console!

If you don't worry about getting banning by $ony!

Great job, thanks to xoeo for posting the original PS3YES Hex's in his forum and bringing the PS3 Scene back to life in one super-fast-split-second bang that been hear around the world!

The source changes are based on the original work by ps3mrenigma!

And then thanks to our valued PSX-SCENE member, DJLO he has now complied a series of solid working HEX's for the various many common USB Development boards out there!

Have fun folks.

I just want to add that I am only able to compile sources for Atmel based chipsets at the present time.

Those of you compiling for other platforms, if you would like your files added to this main post, please PM me a link.

NOTE: The Maximus and Minimus are AT90USBKEY162 or v1 only. Maximus and Minimus users with v2 Atmel chips can use the v1 hex with no problem.

Edit: Blinky was easy as pie to implement, enjoy auto LED power off in 30 seconds (tested 100% on Maximus, Minimus and Blackcat)

Also now added is Waninkoko's update for the Dingoo device!

Sorry for the rough ride with the long page loads, but we now got the server under control, been a busy day!

Original News Source: A9VG Forums

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. 2 users initiated the deactivation and could not perform reactivation. This does not mean it will happen to everyone however it should be noted we are on unchartered territory here. No one knows if or when this may end or the bans may come.

Thanks to Evilsperm we have some new additions to the mix. The hermes v4b-netkas-math fixes are available below. Also added PL3 payloads for multiboards

[via: PSX-SCENE]

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