PSP Half Byte Loader R107

In the meantime, while you wait for Total_Noob with some TN-A action, you may as well get your homebrew straight with Half Byte Loader (HBL) R107. Wololo, with credit to JJS, J416 and Neur0n, has released said revision today alongside a new hacked Patapon 2 save game, which together should increase compatibility.

Whaaat?! Mobile Assault via HBL! Not only that, Wololo says Transport Tycoon Deluxe works too.


People who own Hot shots Golf 2, Everybody’s golf 2, or Minna no golf 2 will be happy to learn that we now officially support these exploits in the latest HBL revision. Due to a lack of testers on 6.30/6.31 though, we cannot guarantee that it will be as good as the experience on the Patapon2 version, but we’ll get there. Especially, we believe that the compatibility will be better with hot shots golf 2 than with Hot shots golf 1, due to the imports of the game (in particular, network).

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