PSP Daedalus Alpha REV 596

There have been a few revisions since we last reported on DaedalusX64, the Nintendo 64 emulator for PSP. A few of the usual tweaks and changes. But a few updates to the eumlator itself For example we now have use of the select button which can be mapped as a n64 button. Roms can now be deleted from the menu and your battery info can be viewed from the pause menu. Many other changes too, just check the changelogs below.

DaedalusX64 Alpha Revision 596 changelog:

Revision 596
[+] Added option to use Classic menu which has been updated and work with the [] button
[+] Added so all new versions of PSP can make use of the extra memory not only the Slim (Salvy)
[~] Fixed battery display in pause menu (clock should work better, tnx salvy)
[~] Fixed so Z-fight will only be reset once in PSPrenderer
[!] Panic button now uses LTRIG + RTRIG + START (pressed for ~2 sec)

Revision 595 – Directory Listing

[+] SELECT can now be used as a controller button.
[+] Can now delete ROMs in the main menu.
[~] Fixed a typo that was in the recommended settings list.

Revision 594 – Directory Listing

[~]Updated Some Preview Pics – Thx lupus
[+]Added Option to skip the splash screen

Revision 593 – Directory Listing

[+] Added Battery info in pause menu
[+] 64 save slots
[+] Possibility to reset settings for ROMs in Edit preference menu
[+] Splash screen only show *once* now when EMU boots
[!] Panic button moved to LTRIG + RTRIG + DOWN + CROSS pressed for ~2sec

Note got help with sample code from psppwner300

Revision 592 – Directory Listing

[+] Third way to fix Z-fight issues, should really work this time…
[!] Panic button “tone” now only need about 1 sec to activate.
[~] Some cleanups and fixes.

Revision 591 – Directory Listing

[+] Panic button, press and hold “tone” button for more than 2 seconds and it will take you to main menu (Salvy/Corn)
[+] Will now remember last chosen ROM when exiting a game
[~] Splash screen has shorter time-out

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