PSP Daedalusx64 Alpha REV 592

Definitely keepin' the PSP homebrew scene alive and kickin', here comes the latest build of the infamous Nintendo 64 emulator for the PlayStation Portable, DaedalusX64.


Revision 592
[+] Third way to fix Z-fight issues, should really work this time...
[!] Panic button "tone" now only need about 1 sec to activate.
[~] Some cleanups and fixes.
Revision 591
[+] Panic button, press and hold "tone" button for more than 2 seconds and it will take you to main menu (Salvy/Corn)
[+] Will now remember last chosen ROM when exiting a game
[~] Splash screen has shorter time-out
Revision 590
[~] Fixed screen scaling to show whole screen
[~] Fixed scissors to remove annoying graphics on the borders of the screen
[~] Removed legacy decal offset and adjusted Z-fight fix to match it.
Revision 589
[+] Fixed Z-fight should work on all games SDL or DDL
[+] Made DDL enabled by default (tnx salvy)
[~] Tuned Auto Frameskip a bit
Revision 588
[!]UpdateScreen only called once per frame (Fixes Flashing and Shaking)
[~]Corrected values displayed by FPS Display to reflect once per Frame update vs once per VBL.
Note: All games should work both under SDL or DDL now. DDL + Z-Fighting Fix still does not work.


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