PSVita PRO Team Releases CFW ARK for UNO Exploit

ARK is a PSP Emulator Custom Firmware for your Vita. It supports most PSP Homebrews, plugins, and backups, as well as PS1 games.

- PSX game support (soundless so far, our sound plugin is too glitchy for public use at the moment)
- ISO/CSO game support
- NoDRM Engine for decrypted dlc playback
- MS-SpeedBoost (most noticable on games like soul calibur)
- Stargate Game Patches (fixes several anti-cfw games)
- Customizable Main Menu
- Plugin support
- Recovery support
- ISO-cache support (speed up ISO gaming)

Credits for the ARK project are the following (from the readme):
- Dark_Alex for the initial M33 CFW who guided us mentally through several CFW generations by giving good examples on how to patch Sony OFW.
- VirtuousFlame: For the ISO Loading Code, Custom PSX EBOOT Support, PSPCipher and most of the CFW related code.
- Coldbird: For Proshell, and all his CFW related code & Vita redesign of PROCFW. Yosh: For the initial sceWlanGetEtherAddr leaked kxploit, yMenu, other kxploit related things and various pieces of code.
- Thecobra & Frostegater: For precisions about this kxploit.
- Neur0n for his syscall execution in kernel mode, several bug fixes and other CFW related code.
- Ardi for his umd4homebrew to enable UMD in homebrews.
- Zer01ne for the initial Uno exploit discovery. All our testers.
- And last but not least Sony for making wonderful, however very locked down, portable gaming handhelds.

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