PS PKG File Manager v1.0 for PS3 & PSP Released

Quote (SvenGDK):
Hi people, I wish you all a happy New Year 2013. To begin it nice I will release a new tool called "PS PKG File Manager".

With this tool you can easily:

Download PKG Files using the PS Multi Tools PS3 Live Menu (Mostly up2date)
Sign PKG Files
Decrypt & Extract PKG Files
Create PKG Files

For PS3 & PSP.

Packages on top are extracted Packages which can be build with the tool.
Packages on the bottom are not yet extracted (tool allows extracting SIGNED AND UNSIGNED files).
On the right you can see all the available options for now.
On the very right you see a windows which shows all the informations about a pkg file.

Note: If you get the message that you can't extract a debug package you only need to sign it and extract it again.

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