PS3 RetroArch v0.9.8 Released: Fixed Snes9XNEXT Core

Today a new version of RetroArch Multi-System Emulator has been released. Check out the changelog and the download link below.

- [LIBRETRO] Added Mednafen NGP and Mednafen VB.
- [LIBRETRO] Added NEStopia Undead (1.44).
- [LIBRETRO] Updated Mednafen PCE Fast and Mednafen Wonderswan to 0.9.28.
- [FBA] Updated Final Burn Alpha to
- [Gambatte] Updated Gambatte (now has built-in GBC BIOS color palettes).
- [SNES9x Next] Updated SNES9x Next (fixes numerous bugs).
- [FCEUmm] Updated FCEUmm to latest version.
- [Genesis Plus GX] Updated Genesis Plus GX to latest version.
- (RARCH_CONSOLE) Various stability fixes
- (RARCH_CONSOLE) More sane unzipping mode - will temporarily extract file to HDD and then instantly delete it when it's done with it (ie. when another ROM gets loaded or when RetroArch shuts down)
- (RARCH_CONSOLE) All console ports now use 59.94Hz for synchronization on the RetroArch side instead of 59.92Hz as before. All consoles use 59.94Hz so this agrees better with them.
- (PS3) Added PAL60 temporal PAL mode
- (PS3) Fixed a lot of path issues - SRAM/savestate dir enable now work, 'Default ROM directory' should now work, etc.
- (PS3) Added rewind granularity options
- (PS3) Rewrote video driver from scratch (RGL v2). Faster blitting.
- (PS3) Onscreen keyboard should work again.


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