PS3 MultiMAN 04.18.00 Released

The zip includes CEX and DEX updates and the BASE STEALTH.

- Added support for downloadable packages/files in the Web column
- Fixed some minor issues (rename/delete) when using "Game Settings" menu (after using L1/R1 to switch games)
- Reworked some core functions and improved mM's performance even more
- Added back "Install Package Files Method" to Settings for 4.30 firmwares
- Removed pulsing of the currently selected entry (works better with some fonts)
- "Game Settings" menu now loads faster
- If the background game-verification didn't complete and you had to wait for "Verifying..." it will now happen only once per game. The result of the verification is now remembered

I rewrote and optimized a lot of functions in this version and you will notice the difference.

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