PS3 Iris Manager v1.55 Released

What's new:
- 4.31 CFW Support Miralastijeras: Give thanks for my part, collaborative attitude author, who has tried to give me the job as possible (still, if I had not moved to CFW, would have been difficult, because there were things that fallitos missing and some we had gone mad: so that I could dump LV1 and LV2
- New Homelaunc1 for CFW 4.31
- New patch for PS1 EMULATOR: I put big that solves the problem that some games cause ps1_netemu call: I do fakeando the disk ID in sector 16. That was the reason why such Chrono Cross remained in black, but if another disk givest PSX, tore that game [+risas]

I also added a new patch to simulate TOC extended info, if necessary.

IMPORTANT: 4.31 ps1_emu not be used. Using 4.30 or less. I have to look at how viable is doing via syscall emulation (the biggest problem, to house the code, which is a lot and used to all versions)
- Fixed some minor bugs in the previous version.


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