PS3 Multi Tools v8.0 Released

Today developer SvenGDK has given us the first update of Multi Tools of 2013. Check out the new features and the download link provided below.

Quote (SvenGDK):
Hi people, it’s time for the first PS Multi Tools release in 2013

The new version comes with these new features:

- FTP Features (Browse, upload, download...)
- PKG Features (Pack, unpack, sign, decrypt...) via PS PKG File Manager
- New EBOOT Database (Can be opened on NormalMenu->Multi Tools->EBOOT Database)
- DOStoPS3 is reavailable (Can be opened on NormalMenu->Multi Tools->DOS Game to PS3 Game Converter)
- Added 58 more EBOOTs (More EBOOTS will be added auto.)
- Updated: Selector
- Fixed: The “games” should now work perfectly, now loading unpacked PKGs too
- Removed: CheckPSMT, Unused configs

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