PS3 MultiMAN 04.19.01 Released: PSX ISO & Bin Support

- Adds support to Multi-Disk games. Also updated multiMAN Showtime builds released.
- Added initial support for single-disc PS1 ISO/BIN backups (/PSXISO /PSXGAMES folders) - PS1 ISO/BIN backups will show in the RETRO column
- PS1 ISO/BIN backups compatibility is much lower than burned PS1 CD backups
- Added support for multi-disc PS1 backups (in 04.19.01)
- Updated Showtime for mM and standalone to 04.01.451

- Credits for the PS1 EMU patches go solely to Estwald/Hermes

Memory cards are stored per game in the same folder as the game. Covers can be named as the iso/bin with .jpg (3264x3264 max) or .png (416x414 max) extension (or as COVER.JPG (3264x3264 max) when using PSXGAMES folder with game-name subfolder).

Don't forget that pressing [SQUARE] in the RETRO column groups content (emulator ROMS, PS1/PS2/PSP).


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