IOS 4.1 DST Clock Bug for Europeans

A number of Europeans have fallen victim on Monday to iPhone alarms going off an hour late, AppleInsider notes. Most of Europe moves out of daylight savings time on the last Sunday in October, and normally, an iPhone would adjust automatically. "Even after checking and switching the settings in time/date and in the alarm app, there is still no alarm going off," one person complains. "Apparently this happened before. I had to delete, all the alarms, restart my phone then re-set the alarms before they worked as expected."

A similar problem hit users of iOS devices in Australia and New Zealand in September, causing alarms to go off an hour early. Apple quickly announced that it was aware of the issue, and that it had "already developed a fix which will be available to customers in an upcoming software update." No such patch was released in all of October however, which may mean that Apple has been waiting to roll it into iOS 4.2, despite the serious problems caused by time discrepancies. The v4.2 update should arrive sometime in November, although Apple has less than a week to fix time sync before it may impact North America.

[via ipodnn]

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