6.31TN-A and VSH exploit

Total_Noob has just posted an interesting comment on his blog a few hours ago, looks like he might be working on a 6.31 TN-A (HEN) port for Wololo’s HBL for Everyone’s golf. But even more interesting if you ask me, is the fact that Total_Noob also has some other tricks up his sleeve.
Another exploit he found, not a save game exploit. But a working VSH one. Remember the tiff exploit, that gave use chickHen from Davee? Well the principal is basically the same. A VSH exploit will let us run the exploit via the XMB and there is no need to first load a game first like Papaton 2.
However there is a catch, as Total_Noob points out below:
I am thinking about porting my HEN to 6.31. For that I need an exploit, myself, I found a VSH exploit, but wololo thinks: “This is a waste, better port it to Everybody’s Golf and such golf games”.
Advantage of VSH exploit:
- You don’t need to buy any game
- It’s faster to load than starting a game
Disadvantage of VSH exploit:
- One more exploit lost
Advantage of golf exploit:
- Sony already know this exploit, so it’s not a waste
Disadvantage of golf exploit:
- Sony can patch/remove the game easily
So, if I port my HEN to the golf exploit, Sony will patch/remove the game and then I have to release my VSH Exploit. Other hackers, do you have an other idea?
Source: Total_Noob’s update blog

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