PSP TempAR V1.3

Developer's note:

The reason for this NitePR/MKULTRA mod is because I wanted a way to test PSPAR codes on CFW, for me it was easier just to implement the PSPAR code types into an existing cheat device rather then try and patch the PSPAR EBOOT to run on CFW so that is exactly what I have done.

Unlike the official PSPAR cheat device a more simple code file format is utilized for loading codes, the format is much like the CWCheat cheat database format but instead of code lines being preceeded with "_L " they are preceeded with "_M ".

I also got bored and decided to implement the CWCheat code types so hopefully most CWCheat codes should work with this cheat device.

Installation Instructions:
* Copy the seplugins folder to your Memory Stick (if not copying over game.txt and pops.txt be sure to manually add those lines to the files on the MS).

In-Game Controls:
* Show cheat menu: Press home twice followed by VOLUP+VOLDOWN).
* Enable Cheat Engine: Press Note.
* Screenshot: Press SELECT+VOLDOWN.


[+] Added support for the 0xC6 PSPAR code type. This will fix problems with the “generic” codes in the official PSPAR cheat database not working.
[+] Added support for the 0x0C CWCheat code type. This should make the Yu-Gi-Oh CWCheat codes work in the same way as they do with CWCheat.
[+] Added support for loading the same codes for multiple Game IDs to reduce the database size where different regions can use the same codes. To do this simply place all “_S” lines after each other with no codes in-between.
[+] Added support for Japanese characters to the font so now the cheats in the official PSPAR cheat DB should be shown correctly for Japanese games.
[+] Added new line type “_N”. These lines are executed with an enhanced version of the PSPAR cheat engine. The reason for not merging the enhanced PSPAR engine with the main PSPAR engine is to maintain the best possible compatibility with the official PSPAR for testing purposes, whilst also offering additional functionality.
[+] Added support for extra data register operations using the 0xD4 code type to the enhanced PSPAR engine.
[+] Added support for address+offset if conditionals to the enhanced PSPAR engine. If the lowest bit of the address is set the value at address+offset is used in the conditional.
[!] The PSPAR cheat engine execution status is now cleared at the end of each loop.
[!] Fixed a bug in the CWCheat cheat engine where the second character in the address part of the code was accidentally removed when it was applied by the cheat engine.
[!] Fixed bugs with the 0×06 multi-write code type.
[!] Hopefully fixed the unknown search bug which was in the original source. It was partially fixed in 1.2 but it is so long and complex I couldn’t work out how to fix it properly. Hopefully it should be working properly now.
[?] Please refer to “docsreadme.html” for information relating to the newly added code types.

Download Here

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