PSP Half Byte Loader Rev 95 for 6.3x Hello World Hot Shots Golf SDK’s

FrEdDy has released a Hello World for the EU version of Hot Shots Golf named Everybody’s Golf. So the Half Byte Loader and Save data Exploit is now working world wide. Both the US version and EU versions. The games are still on PSN and working with the exploit. So if your on a PSP Go (Firmware 6.3x) and want some homebrew I suggest you get onto it and grab yourself the game asap!
And if your a developer the SDK’s are below for download. These won’t be of any use to the average user. The working exploit for the Japanese version of the game is also below is you happen to have the JPN version.
So look for some ported HBL builds soon for firmwares 6.30 and 6.30 for either the US or EU version of the game. As always we’ll keep you posted.

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