Cydia: PwnTunes

PwnTunes is a new way to sync music to your iPhone without the use of iTunes.

With PwnTunes It’s as easy as plugging your sync cable into your Windows PC.
Then it’s as simple as browsing your file explorer to copy your files from your iPhone/Touch to your PC. or you can drag items from the PC to your iPhone/Touch!
drag, drop & go!

Drag pictures from your camera roll to any PC

Drag Music from your iTunes synced music library to any PC
● music files are translated from the encoded gibberish file names into a user friendly list based on the original file name as it would be on your PC
● After the loading of iTunes Music folder has finished, you can delete songs from it (and from iPod library) via USB

Add music from any PC to your device & it will automatically import into your iPod app.
● ID3 tags from MP3 & M4A files will also import track info and album art support for tags from other music types not yet supported
● Limited Tag Management:
Loads Folder.jpg/folder.jpg/cover.jpg/Cover.jpg from same folder as cover
Uses Folder’s name (if in a folder) as album name when no album ID3 tag found
Uses Parent Folder’s name (if in a folder in a folder) as artist name when no artist ID3 tag found
(My Music/Artist Name/Album Name/Title.mp3)

var/mobile/Library/downloads folder is mapped to USB so you can manage your safari downloaded files.

Drag and save any type of file(images, videos, documents, spreadsheets, etc) onto your device to use it as a USB drive!

Compatible With:

You can download PwnTunes from the BigBoss Cydia repository.

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