PSP Half Byte Loader R99 Released

Major improvements come bundled with Half Byte Loader (HBL) revision 99. For starters, remember JJS’ sys-call estimation trick in R96? It improved speed & overall performance for select PSP models and firmware versions. Well that function is now working on all PSP models running 6.20.

To quote Wololo:

Although there are still a few differences in the quality of syscall estimations for these models (1000/2000/3000) on this specific firmware (6.20), this major function is now working on all models, and you should all be able to enjoy full speed on your favorite emulators.

HBL R99 also fixes [most] issues with the “Home” button and other control issues introduced in R97; shout-out to Nymphaea for that patch. Said patch also allows HBL to be ran from a memory stick on the PSPgo; I guess prior to R99 you were forced to use the PSPgo’s internal storage. I didn’t know that.

Download Here

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