PSP CSPSP Server v1.3

This is version 1.3 of the game server application for CSPSP.


Extract the CSPSPServer folder to any location you want and run CSPSPServer.exe (requires the Microsoft .NET Framework). The server will automatically minimize to the tray (the notification area at the bottom right of the screen). Double-click the icon or right click it and press "Restore" to bring up the server again.

***If you are behind a router, you will have to port foward the port (udp only) specified in config.txt (default is 42692). Similarly, if you are using a firewall, you will have to unblock/open the port. Since the steps for these procedures vary among router types and different firewalls, I won't give any specific instructions here. A very helpful tutorial by xXxSpectre@ is available at the CSPSP forums (***

Download Here

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