PSP HBL Revision 96

What’s better than Half Byte Loader Revision 95? Revision 96! JJS, who you know from PSPdisp, made a guest appearance on R96 with a syscall-estimation trick improving overall performance. I won’t get into the technical details, but know this: your favourite emulators should now run at full speed without any specific configuration and homebrew in general should just work better. For example: Opera Mini on PSPKVM now works perfectly.

Below is another example showcasing both HBL R95 and R96 running Daedalus R13 “out of the box” (no specific configuration).

With the above good news comes a little bad news… Sort of, kind of… This update doesn’t improve HBL on firmware 6.20 for PSP-2000 and PSP-3000 models. It does however work on the PSPgo running firmware 6.20; the syscall-estimation trick works on this model (PSP-N1001) with this firmware (6.20), and PSP-1000/2000/3000 models with all firmwares except 6.20. Maybe that’ll change in future revisions.

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