PSP DaedalusX64 Alpha Rev 550

The DaedalusX64 team has released a new version of their Nintendo 64 emulator project for the PlayStation Portable, DaedalusX64.


Revision 550
[+] added more gu_patches using VFPU for a small speed up
Revision 549
[~] Minor clean up
[!] Fixed Last Legion ucode table
[!] Corrected a couple of regressions
[+] Removed generic function used for several COP1 inst, now we use specific conditionals for each inst (small speed up)
Revision 548
[!] small speedup in OSHLE gu_functions
Revision 547
[+] Added a quick hack for Chameleon Twist (It boots now)
[+] Added an option to change the color of the GUI in global settings( black,red,green,blue,and magenta can be used)
[+] Added preview pics for all games (bdacanay)
[!] Cleaned up some mistakes in roms.ini (bdacanay)
[~] Remove Mario Kart hack (no longer needed)
[!] guTranslateF patch speedup with ~50% doing a partial memcopy first (corn)
[!] Speed up guNormalize_Rugrats and guNormalize_Mario patches with ~50% using VFPU and no memcopy (corn)
Revision 546
[!] Simplify logic to handle game specific hacks, also improved debug info when hacks are applied to roms.
[+] Added a hack to fix depth issues in Nascar games
[+] Added WIP to get rid off zfighting(only enabled for batman atm, might be tricky to get right for all games due PSP hardware limitations..)
[!] Enabled guNormalize_Mario( small speed up in games that use this patch ex: Mario 64)
[+] Added a hack to disable guNormalize_Mario patch for Mario Kart.
[~] Corrected small typo from last commit..
Revision 545
[!] Huge clean up in our prefs, now we don't need to make game specific hacks as "options" or rely on roms.ini(We can add hacks as easy as two clicks now)
[!] Removed memory access optimization -still not ready for showtime :(
[~] Removed blender for Paper Mario's menu
[+] Partial TMEM emulation (this based on StrmnNrmn's load block code, note : it fixes several glitches in textures at the cost of speed..)

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