PSP SenseMe Channel for 5.00M33/5.50GEN

PSP Developer Hirmfaxi has released Sensme for PSP’s running custom firmware 5.50 GEN, 5.50 MHU or 5.00 M33. I know when this feature was released on 6.10 OFW some of you were asking for the application and if it could be run on Custom Firmware. Well here is it. Not sure what Sensme is all about?

SensMe channels is a PSP 6.XX new music player. OFW 6.XX was supposed to be run. After finally cracked after the break hard, you can run in the CFW 5.03/5.50.

Once downloaded, extract to PSP root directory, then run "SensMe Channels for 5.XX" can.

[!] Fix the problem can not play WMA
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Download Here

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