PSP Half Byte Loader for Firmware 6.3x release dated.

The dates set, J416 has recently posted on his blog that the exploitable game name and the Half Byte Loader port for Firmwares 6.30 and 6.31 will be released at 2200hrs on the 24th this month. So in two days time. So for those that were silly enough to update from early firmware versions will have a second chance at homebrew.
So far we know the game title is exploitable on versions, US and JPN. Its also on PSN JPN, EUR and US. So the race will be on for PSP Go users on 6.30+ Once the title is named I suggest you grab it asap. No doubt Mr Sony will be watching and will remove any PSP title that has a sudden huge and unexpected increase in downloads.
As always we will keep you posted. I will try and be online 2200 Hrs Japanese time to post it asap or one of our staff will. Or just check J416′s blog.

DATE IS: 2010/8/24 22:00:00

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