Developers Notes:
Whoooooo, after a year and a half, I'm finally ready to release the latest version of CSPSP: 1.7! Sorry it took so long, but life was pretty busy for the past year or so. So, the greatest change in this version is that I stepped a bit away from the whole cs theme; the core gameplay is pretty much still exactly the same, but I've redone the menus and a lot of the graphics. In addition, I've worked a lot on fixing the network code, hopefully the online experience should be smoother than before (as always, I haven't tested it thoroughly, so I'm not guaranteeing anything. Overall, I've tried to make the game more polished by fixing those small little annoyances.


Redid graphical style and some layouts for menus
Redid most of the graphics for the HUD (health bar, radar, buyzone, etc.)
Redid a lot of the networking code (fixed some major bugs)
Implemented shadowed strings that are MUCH easier to read
Added background tile option for maps
Added map overview feature for maps
Made enemies appear on radar when they fire
Added animated feet for the players
Implemented hit/damage indicators (useful in multiplayer)
Added muzzle flash
Added reload animations
Slightly updated gun graphics
Improved score screen with mutliple mages so you can see everyone
Added camera shake during explosions
Removed HE grenade damage through walls
Improved collision detection system (no more glitching and bullets going through walls)
Updated bullet graphics
Implemented a more convenient selection method for team select and buy menus
Updated the default guns.txt (knife and HE grenade damage increased)
Made nade still go off if you die while throwing it
Implemented team chat
Moved reloading bar and changed throwing grenade bar
Changed initial loading bar style
Implemented customizable player icons in multiplayer
Added player profile to player info screen
Added a lock to nearest player feature for freelook
Implemented view angle value for guns (sniper rifles have it on by default)
Made player names display over teammates (and everyone when in spectator)
Updated secondary animations (hands are together now)
Implemented ability to disable ratios
Fixed bug where terrorists win when there are 0 people left (regardless of who dies)
Added "_ killed you" and "you killed _" message to the HUD
Implemented a change team option in the in-game pause menu
Fixed a freezing bug in the spectating code
Fixed a mistake in the credits
Added a new map (cs_italy by Doublehawk)
Removed "quit game" option


The online portion of this version currently only works on custom firmwares (3.xx, etc). To install, copy the CSPSP folder either to your PSP/GAME folder (not PSP/GAME150), or your PSP/GAMEXXX folder, where XXX is your firmware version.

NOTE: CSPSP now accesses the flash of your psp. It only reads (doesn't write), so it should be fine, but here's a warning nonetheless.

Download Here

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