PSP DaedalusX64 Alpha Revision 552

Revision 552
[~] Corrected a couple of warnings in release mode (thx toagac for reporting)
[~] Simplify nan exceptions warnings.
[!] Removed Batman hack (no longer needed)
[+] Added a hack to fix 1/2 sky glitch in Road Rash
[+] Implemented a fix to get rid of Z-Fighting (Zelda's paths, Mario 64's shades
and other games etc are fixed)
[!] Only update blender when needed, also simplified InitBlenderMode.
[!] Made IsNaN exceptions debug only, also simplified conditions for IsNaN
(props Corn for idea)
[!] Enabled "Simulate Double Disable" for Tom and Jerry in Fists of Furry
(in-game graphics are displayed correctly now)
[+] added more gu_patches using VFPU for a small speed up
[~] Minor clean up
[!] Fixed Last Legion ucode table
[!] Corrected a couple of regressions
[+] Removed generic function used for several COP1 inst, now we use specific
conditionals for each inst (small speed up)

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