How to Setup Acekard 2i

1. Before continuing it is suggested you format your micro SD/SDHC card in your computer by using your card reader or the USB adapter.
How will you format? After Windows has added the SD card as a new drive, open the "My Computer" window and right click on the new removable drive. Then select "Format" from the menu. In the format window select FAT32 as file system> choose quick format and press OK to format the card.

Step 2
2.If you have important data on the Micro SD/SDHC card make sure you save the data somewhere else before you complete this step. You may also find it useful to give you micro SD/SDHC card a volume label when formatting. This makes it easier to identify your card.

Step 3
3.Please go this official acekard website: > click "download" and download version 4.21 on your desktop/mac. If the kernel has been updated on use new kernel.
You will need winrar/ zip program to download and unzip this software and if you dont have this program on your pc already you can get it free at, just type in rar/zip on the site's search bar.

Step 4
4.After downloading , extract the RAR file using winrar/zip program (double click on it), this will give you "_ak2", "akmenu4.nds" and "release_note.txt". Highlight all of these and send to or transfer or drag & drop or copy and paste to the root directory (this is important) of your MicroSD/SDHC card.[The "root" of any storage media is just the first window that pops up when you open the disk drive or you can open it by going to my computer>right click>open].Finally, please check you have all of the above extracted parts on your Micro SD/SDHC card.

Step 5
5.You can now eject your Micro SD/SDHC card from your computer, put it in your ak2i, and boot up ak2i in you DS/DSL/DSi. Thats it! Its really that simple!

Step 6
If after doing the above your dsi gives an error message possibly your dsi is on 1.4 firmware. If so and to make acekard 2i work in a dsi 1.4 firmware go to and follow the main as well as the red part in the bottom of the guide. The fix is easy.

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