Xsellize Getting Ddos Attacked?

According to the message I received it seems vito corleones son is threatening us and gave me an offer I will refuse. You can read the message below. If the threat is real at least you will all know why the site is down and you come come and join us all in irc for once irc.xsellize.com #xsellize

I will not pay and I don't care how long the site will be down for.

So if the site is down at 6pm GMT then according to Mr Micheal Corleone we would not come back online. Really I don't mind because I might have forgot to mention but my real name in Antonio Tony Montana (for those that don't watch the classics scar face and godfather for Mr Corleone)

Anyway I have to get back to working on my app that I will release to you guys in a few weeks I know you will like it :-). Oh but we won't have a site to release it on oh well I will release it on the irc then


My name is Michael. It has come to my attention that your website is making a large amount of money.

Unfortunately, I am in need of money and therefore we will need to come to an agreement, picture it the same way as tax.

Sadly, for you, I will commence with a DDOS attack against your website at approx 18:00 GMT Sunday 8th August, 2010 unless we can come to agreement of payment for the sum of $400 USD.

This will be sent via either Western Union or LR (Liberty Reserve).

Please do not call a bluff as the attack will go ahead and will carry on until payment.

If you intend on calling a bluff, please write down this email to contact me via when your website may be down;


I do hope that we can come to a resolution and I can leave you alone.

P.S you will of noticed your website was offline for around 5 minutes about an hour ago - thought we'd just give it a quick test.

I wish you well and hope our transaction goes without problems.



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